Resin Crochet Hook SET on Commission - Special order

€ 50,00

When you pick the option ''With Name, I will put your name on all six of the crochet hooks.
When choosing your sizes, enter them in the textbox that says ''Hook sizes'' and put a ''-'' hyphen between each size.
Each crochet hook is unique and made by hand. I use glitter, dried flowers, and gold leaf.
I cannot guarantee that the preferred color for the chosen hook is available, but you can leave your preference behind for the chosen hook size.

You can choose a heart or a butterfly at the end of your name.

Crochet hook sizes
2mm (red)

2,5mm (dark blue)
3mm (purple)
3,5mm (pink)
4mm (green)
4,5mm (dark pink)
5,5mm (brons)
6mm (gold)
6,5mm (purple)
7mm (blue)
8mm (red)